Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thinking Out Loud #3!

Thanks to the lovely Amanda for the linkup!

I'm almost done with my first week as a real 9-5 working gal. Well, it's actually 9:30-5:15 but who's counting? I'm a nanny, by the way. Two boys. 9 and 11.

Lunch! Chicken and veggies for me and pizza for the boys!

Speaking of, nannying is for real the best birth control. I don't want kids for QUITE a while, thanks. They're cuties, but they definitely require lots of work. Here are some portraits they drew of me. I'm flattered.

Now that summer is here, more people want Frozen birthday parties. It's the best part time job ever, really.

But now I get lots of snapchats like these from my guy friends... who seem to think it's hilarious:

Between you and me, I'm okay with it.

Here's the photo that the company I work for uses to advertise me as Princess Anna, in case you want to see it.

Red wine has taken the lead for Sally's Drink Of Choice. When I'm at home that is. Out, you know I'm a vodka soda girl all the way.

Speaking of going out, this summer is proving to be quite a blast. Unfortunately I have friends who bartend at all 3 major bars on campus, so that means I'm peer pressured to go out a bit more often.

Did I say unfortunately? I didn't mean that.

Did I say peer pressure? It doesn't take much to convince me to go out. I like to have fun.

But that means lots of running and working out to stay feeling good!

For the record, I'm usually very happy to work out, but this was a particularly HOT morning.

And anyway, it's all about balance, right? :)

So how about you? What have you been up to lately?


Sally Rae

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIAW - Food Comparison

It has been over a week and a half since my last post. I need to step it up. But I'm just really, really enjoying my summer. I've been keeping busy, having a blast, and blogging has taken the back seat. Which is fine with me. Maybe I'll get into a routine again, maybe I won't. Time will tell. However, I'm popping in for What I Ate Wednesday to share a little about a topic that is really common these days, food comparison.

Food comparison and sometimes even food shaming have become very common in our society. With magazines promoting their 1,400 calorie (not enough) meal plans, and every restaurant posting nutritional value, it's becoming even more apparent. Especially with women. On my college campus, it's extremely present. I've heard girls say to each other "You know that has 500 calories, right?" or "No, I'm not getting the bun, I mean, I'm saving like 200 calories." or even "Let's order vodka water limes.. it's low calorie!"

For the record, unless you're at a classy bar, it's really not. I was a bartender on campus and it's not real lime juice... it's lime flavored syrup full of sugar. And it doesn't even taste good. So joke's on you.

ANYWAY. Where was I?

Oh, yes, food comparison. It's stupid.

Just because your friend orders a salad, it doesn't mean you aren't craving a burger and fries. And you are the only one who knows your body, your hunger, and your needs.

Comparing our food intake to others can be harmful and hurtful. There's no reason to do it! Sometimes it can be hard not to, and I totally understand that. I sometimes accidentally find myself doing it when I look at everyone's WIAW posts, which is just silly, because that is the opposite of what WIAW is about! Plus, it's my favorite linkup of the week!

So, on this WIAW, I'm showing you today's eats, and hoping you don't compare what you ate to what I ate, just as I'll try to do the same with you!


Rise and shine. At 8 AM, I had apple and cinnamon instant oats (2 packs) with almond milk and coffee with milk as well. After I ate, I packed lunch and snacks and walked down the street to where my car is parked.

Then, I went to pick up the boys I nanny from their tutor to take them home. After a few hours passed, they were ready for lunch.


Chicken breast salad, carrots, and bleu cheese dressing. The boys had leftover pizza.


My afternoon was spent helping the boys with homework, playing with them, and running them around town to different activities. I had a Quest bar in my bar that was devoured in about three bites in the car at one point. Don't worry, I was parked when I snapped that pic.


Around 5:30, I got back to my apartment. I needed a little pick me up pre workout, so I had vanilla Greek yogurt with Jam and granola. Then, I ran 4 miles around campus in the perfect weather.


Dinner when I got home was a fresh salad of greens, veggies sauteed in coconut oil, banana peppers, tomatoes, carrots, nutritional yeast, and mango chipotle dressing. YUM. I also made a roasted sweet potato, but that was still in the oven when I snapped this picture. I topped it with more coconut oil and it was delicious.

Dessert was going to be an ice cream sandwich, but my roomies were all chillin and watching a movie with a glass of wine. After a day of nannying, wine sounded great. So Cabernet for dessert it was.

One glass, and now I'm typing this up and hitting the hay around 10:30. I'm a grandma.

What's the best thing you've eaten lately?


Sally Rae