Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Ultimate Day of Eating

One of my favorite bloggers, Andie of, did a post a while back on her ultimate day of eating. What she would choose to eat if she had only one day left to live.

What an interesting concept. There are so many delicious foods in the world.... How could I possibly choose?

In this post, I have tried to do just that. I think I have reached a conclusion, although there were many, many honorable mentions. Now, get ready to feast your eyes on some serious food porn.


A short stack of fluffy, buttermilk pancakes with pure maple syrup, and a fresh mango on the side. I would wash it down with a hot, pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream.


Two fried crab cakes served with horseradish aoli, and a cup of my mom's creamy spinach soup, with a chunk of warm, dark rye bread for dipping. My beverage of choice would be a glass of red wine sangria.


A handful of peanut butter M&M's and yogurt covered raisins. :)


I would go to The Cellar with my family. It's the one nice restaurant in Geneseo, and we've gone their for special occasons my whole life. It's far from the most well known or the most upscale restaurant  that I've been to in my life, but I've had many delicious meals there with my favorite people. I'd start by ordering a bottle of champagne, and I'd tell them to keep it coming. The next order or business would be to order our usual appetizer: fried chicken livers. I know, I know you're thinking "Grosssss!" But. Trust me. Delectable. I'd get their home made bleu cheese dressing on my side salad. And my main course: A half order of barbecue ribs and hash browns with onions and cheese on the side.


Something that looks like that.

I die.

Now, please comment and tell me your ultimate day. I'm so curious.


Sally Rae

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